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The Never Ending Road
No Remorse Records (2015)

01. Red Alert
02. Runniní For You
03. What The Hellís Going On
04. On To The Borderline
05. Cry For The World
06. Lone Survivor
07. Take Me ĎCross The Water
08. Drifting
09. Donít Shine
10. Losiní Man
11. I Beg For Mercy
12. Can You Believe It?
13. Listen
14. Breakiní My heart
15. Drifting (live)
16. Flight To Moscow (live)

Available to order from No Remorse Records.

The Never Ending Road

Heavy Metal Heroes Vol. 2
Heavy Metal Records (1982), HMRLP 7

1 Lionheart: Lionheart
2 Shiva: En Cachent
3 Pallas: Arrive Alive
4 Mendes Prey: What The Hell's
Going On
5 Mantle Swallow Palmer: Ice Cold Diamond
6 Overkill: Out Of My Head
7 Jess Cox: Devils Triangle
8 Twisted Ace: This Fire Inside
9 Witchfinder General: Free Country
10 No Faith: Oh Well
11 Persian Risk: Calling For You
12 No Quarter: Power And The Key

On To The Borderline
MP Records (1983), AM076

A Side: On To The Borderline
Recorded at Fairview Studios, Hull

B Side: Running For You
Recorded at Woodlands Studios, Yorkshire

Parkside Steelworks
Lil Records (1985), LP2

Side One
Mendes Prey: Red Alert
Cyrka: Price of Love
Gypsy: Street Fighter
East to West: You Mean Everything
Virgin: Glittering Diamonds

Side Two
East to West: I Want You Back
Cyrka: New Direction
Virgin: So Bad
Gypsy: Ride From Hell
Lyzard: The Loving Kind
Mendes Prey: Cry For The World

Wag Records (1986)

A Side

B Side
Can You Believe It?

Both recorded at Woodlands Studio, Yorkshire


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